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About Solv

Solv is a SAAS (Software as a Service) tech startup. Initial seed funding is completed by experienced investors, each recognized in a specific field of expertise related to the product, and product development is fully underway. We are looking for users to try pilot versions of the product.

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Setting a new standard

Created by a group of experts who have a success rate far above the norm in solving large spatial projects, Solv sets a new standard for risk mitigation and impact maximization. The tool will dramatically help speed up the delivery of the successful impactful transformation processes our planet needs to survive. Whereas average large project success rate is around 33%, Solv initiators have had pre-standardization  success rates averaging 87%. 

The founder, a former professor at M.I.T.’s center for Advanced Urbanism has gained exceptional recognition by solving large spatial developments around the world since 2013. The Solv technology has been designed around his unique knowledge of this complex process.


Please note that Solv is designed for large spatial development (min 25mio €). Detailed information will be provided on a confidential basis to selected parties only.

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